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Mike Taylor: Director Parks and Recreation, Menlo Park, California, National Clinician, Author

"Ken Miller has established himself as a true gymnastics professional. Always eager and enthusiastic, Ken shares his experience and expertise at a level that is beneficial to any coach or teacher, regardless of their background. Ken has 'been there and done that' and can relate to instructors at a personal level. Ken provides a valuable addition to any gym's staff development program."

John Wojtczuk: Eastern National Academy, Paramus, NJ (USAG national clinician)
"Ken and Bertina have come up with a unique package of presentations that are a benefit for any staff at any level. Their outlook and insight into coaching youth sports is an interesting and refreshing switch from what we think we know, and their technical expertise - teaching skills - is on par with just about anyone. I highly recommend them."

David Feigley: PhD, Chair; Rutgers University Sport Science

“Great content delivered with energy, enthusiasm. I highly recommend Ken and Bertina!”

Dan Alch: Owner, head coach, Arctic gymnastics, Anchorage, Alaska, Founder of "Camp of Champions"

“Bertina and Ken have shared at our various camps. As an owner, I have great confidence in them. When they are on the floor I can leave and go on to my own duties but I find myself watching with amazement at how easy they make it look. I am sure about one thing: Ken and Bertina are both motivators and students of the sport. When they speak, you can feel their passion and enthusiasm. They have had a tremendous influence on my life in coaching and as friends. I can only give them my highest recommendation and believe that if their names are attached to a project, it will be great.” 

Ed Spinelli: Elite Coach (retired), Clinician, former Owner Champions Unlimited, TX

“Are you looking to bring excitement, passion & greater learning to your gymnastics center?  Look no further than Ken & Bertina Miller. I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Ken Miller and I have the utmost respect for his teaching abilities and staff motivational techniques. Ken is a master at teaching at all levels. If you have the opportunity to have Ken & Bertina in your gym, do not pass it up. Many gym owners will contemplate how to spend their hard earned dollars to get the best return.

I highly suggest you invest in the Miller's Clinics for returns that will keep on coming as they help bring positive change in your coaching staff forever.

Not only are they extremely informative & knowledgeable but they will provide a refreshing spark of energy to your staff that will continue to carry forward!

Whenever I have coached with Ken at camps & clinics I always tried to make sure our sessions did not coincide because I did not want to miss a word as I always learn something new from Coach Ken.  And do not let him leave your gym without giving you some of his amazing and comprehensive skill breakdowns as no one does it better. Your staff, gymnasts & parents will have a blast!”

Questions?  Interested in hosting a clinic at your facility?  Please contact us or call: 267.342.4240

Jeff Lulla: Owner Fun & Fit Gymnastics, National clinician, Creator of Smart Moves curriculum

“Ken and Bertina have shared their knowledge, experience and expertise with the sincere ambition of making a positive difference in the lives of children.  I support and applaud them for their efforts and recommend them to anyone seeking help in coaching or teaching children or personal growth”  

Donna & Bill Strauss: Parkettes National Training Center (USAG national training staff)

“We respect Bertina and Ken’s commitment and dedication.  They are a wealth of knowledge - sharing it with the world - and continuing to keep us all aware of the most important reasons why we do what we do. It is our pleasure to recommend them from both a professional and personal level.”

Paulo Barata: Vice president, Portuguese National Gymnastics Federation

"Very professional and entertaining, but mostly filled with practical application. We have had them here twice and hope to have them train our entire Play Gym national teaching staff in the future.  I can unreservedly recommend them. They were instrumental in helping the Portuguese Gymnastics Federation move into a more positive and successful direction. One year after their departure their presence continues to impact our instructors and programs." 

Brian Sateriale: Coach, Paragon Gymnastics, MD, Adjuct Professor

"I have had the distinct honor of knowing Ken Miller for many years; first as a coaching colleague, then as a friend. I can say, without any reservation, that Ken is the most effective coach I have ever known. He infuses profound knowledge with infectious passion, creating a Socratic-based teaching method that I find to be very successful. Ken and Bertina seek to inspire, not just to instruct. They have indelibly influenced my teaching style, and I am truly a better coach and person for knowing him. Their involvement with a gymnastics program, in any capacity, would improve that program tenfold."

Vasco Santos: Portuguese Gymnastics Federation events director

"I had the pleasant opportunity to learn gymnastics with Kenneth Miller, first in July 1995 and again in July 2002. Ken proved himself to be an excellent coach, hard worker, talented teacher and good friend. We had Bertina and Ken again in the summer of 2004. I can unreservedly recommend them both as highly skilled technical instructors. They were instrumental in helping the Portuguese Gymnastics Federation move into a more positive and successful direction. One year after their departure their presence continues to impact our instructors and programs."


Myra Staniszewski: Brooklyn Gymnastics Center, Brooklyn College, NY

“Having met Ken and Bertina at a workshop in upstate NY was a God-send.  They are so patient, knowledgeable and are able to troubleshoot on the spot.  They have a broad range of gymnastics expertise and capabilities. Their visiting our gym afforded us a great opportunity to personalize areas of concentration for the team kids (levels 4-8).  The team and recreational programs benefited from their presentation and fun manner.”