Sport Education and Consulting, LLC

Mission Statement:

Far beyond the sport, instructors have the incredible privilege of molding children’s self image and thus their future.  Instructors do not teach sports; rather they teach children how to do sports. Our passion is to teach and inspire instructors by improving their delivery skills and knowledge so they can maximize their positive impact on children’s lives.  When instructors are motivated to enhance their teaching methods and their relationships with the children, success is immediate, sustained, and exponential on multiple fronts. We strive to further equip instructors with the tools they need to recognize and meet children’s needs. Additionally, we work to enhance cohesiveness among the staff, management, parents and athletes.

Our high quality presentations employ a wide variety of engaging teaching methods. They are practical, theoretically sound, and entertaining!  The material we share is not only relative to sports, but to life!

Jeff Lulla: Owner Fun & Fit Gymnastics, National clinician, Creator of Smart Moves curriculum

“Ken and Bertina have shared their knowledge, experience and expertise with the sincere ambition of making a positive difference in the lives of children.  I support and applaud them for their efforts and recommend them to anyone seeking help in coaching or teaching children or personal growth”  
Questions?  Interested in hosting a clinic at your facility?  Please contact us or call: 267.342.4240!

Steve Shephard: Penn State University Head Women’s Coach

"Ken and Bertina have a wonderful and healthy perspective on what it means to be successful in youth sports. It's not about winning and losing, but about the total development of the athlete. I have always gotten some pearls of wisdom from listening to them speak about youth sports."